Amazing 3D Decorative Wall Panels that will inspire !
Home, Office and many other Commercial applications.
Using the latest digital technology, computer modelling and 3D design combined with the latest machining techniques we are able to create and produce magnificent 3D Wall Panelling with unprecedented visual effects and therefore providing you with a unique way to change or update yours or your clients interiors.
Each Relief is individually produced to match yours or your client’s needs with no wall too small or too large, in other words the size of our Reliefs are virtually unlimited as they are produced in segments and assembled on site no different to installing Wood panelling or any other decorative wall boards really.

Oh and they are of course DIY friendly.
Your Reliefs panels will arrive in numbered sections each separately packaged, protected and clearly marked or labelled for easy matching when mounting into place. You will also receive a simple to follow instruction guide for surface preparation and installation to assist.
Our reliefs are DIY friendly, light weight and can be installed by any builder or home handy person using most construction grade wall adhesives and can be Installed over most standard building surfaces such as Gyprock/Plaster, Timber, Block work or Concrete.

Ready to paint … Your Relief will arrive sealed or primed and ready for painting, all you need do is apply your chosen paint colour or whatever finish you are going to use once the Relief is mounted in place on the wall and all joins are sanded and filled.
Fixing or Mounting:

Our Wall & Ceiling Relief panels are manufactured with an accuracy of 0,5 mm but it may happen that during installation on an uneven surface or with uneven layers of adhesive that gaps or misalignment will occur hence we stress again the importance of surface preparation.

Locate the exact position and starting point on your wall where the Reliefs panels will be mounted and place both a Vertical and a Horizontal line at that point - it is recommended, particularly with larger Reliefs, to glue the bottom row first allowing it to dry firmly before proceeding further which in turn will give you a solid level base to work from as you move upwards - take your time and ensure each panel is butted together as tightly as you can get them to minimize filling and sanding later.
As there are to be no gaps between individual panels you should not apply thick adhesive on their sides. It is recommended to spread a very thin layer of adhesive (diluted in water if necessary) so that the excess will flow out after the panels are pushed to each other. That allows to seal the joints so the paint will not penetrate them during the painting process.
Ensure each panel is butted together as tightly as you can get them to minimize filling and sanding later.
NOTE: Do NOT use any mechanical sanding devises near or on these joins, as has been previously mentioned the PU board is much softer than most Wood or Metal panels and you can easily remove too much material.
Soft, hand held sanding blocks using very fine grade sandpaper is the key to success here.
Very light weight PU or Polyurethane board.
1m2 @ 50mm thick weighs in at only 5 kgs.
Relief size:
Limited only by your imagination and the available space for the  finished design.
Outer edge:
Min thickness - 7mm /  Max thickness of 150mm.
Each panel is butted hard up against the adjoining panel (No Gaps)
Designers and Manufacturers
The Team
Creativity requires passion and commitment the very foundation that 3D Wall Art is built on and which we bring with us every time you invite us into your home, office or design studio and evidenced by our fantastic Wall Reliefs, a combination of the fine arts meeting precision engineering that allows us to create beautiful Art reliefs to blend in or stand out and enhance any décor and achieving unique visual effects.
Edyta - Concept designer - 3D wall-art
We don’t have to convince anyone of the fact that nature for centuries has been an inspiration for Artists and Designers the world over and of course we as humans are also an integral part of nature, so why would we not draw inspiration from what has been given to us.
We feel comfortable surrounded by natural shapes and forms, they inspire and stimulate our senses in many ways. And so as all artists do in their own way seeing, feeling and using natures gifts to express themselves so to do we, together with a little help from modern technology.
All designs whether from our own catalogue or a design of your own choosing, yes that’s right we can also reproduce a design of your own, will be presented to you in a Scaled Visualization so that you can see what your new wall Relief will look like once the Relief is mounted in place.
Visit our Design section for Inspiration or make your own designs come to life, don’t hesitate to ask us and we’ll be only too happy to work with you on your personal design requirements.
Everything we create is created with the help of digital machines. Designs, visualizations and reliefs. Sometimes, however, you have to break away from digital tools and look for inspiration in the analog mess, thinking outside the box often helps.
Marek,  Digital  sculptor - 3D wall-art
We use the latest technology in designing and manufacturing as our medium and the entire process is enclosed in a digital space which makes it possible for us to extract the most beautiful pieces and show them in a pure and simplified form.

Our Relief panels may seem like only synthetic or digital geometric forms, but they too have their source from natures observations as seen above
Each panel is laid out side by side, inspected and quality checked on completion to ensure all segments line up perfectly prior to packing ready for shipment.
As your first point of contact It’s his kind and calm voice that will guide you through the whole process of dealing with us and assuring you that everything will be in order and just about anything is possible. He has amazing skills in working with clients.
Aga loves marketing and advertising. Her FB posts are inspiring and she exudes creative energy.
Andy & Agata - Marketing - 3D wall-art
The backbone of the company, She keeps the roots of our company firmly planted. Without her, any complicated problems or changes in regulations, documentation, taxes, etc. would be unsolvable. She keeps us upright.
Aneta  – Office manager- 3D wall-art
Designers and Manufacturers of an all new 3D Wall Art and Decorative panel concept for interior Walls & Ceilings. Exciting and Immersive - Your interior is often an expression of yourself and the walls and ceilings are the perfect canvas to enlighten any home or office to radiate those feelings of happiness and coziness.
Designers and Manufacturers of an all new 3D Wall Art concept for interior Walls & Ceilings. Exciting and Immersive - let your walls express your artistic self and let your creative juices flow.
Headquartered in Poznan Poland a city with over 1000 years history and renowned for its Art and trade fairs and often referred to as the cultural Capitol of Poland we are proud to share our heritage.
We supply world-wide and can offer competitive shipping rates for many destinations.
T: 0048 602 402 431